Suspension and Reinstatement of Twitter Business Account

Understanding the Suspension and Reinstatement of our Twitter Account: ADMX Business Services #

Introduction #

In a recent incident, our newly created business Twitter account, “ADMX Business Services,” faced an unexpected suspension. This blog post aims to provide insights into the suspension and subsequent reinstatement of our Twitter account, @admxbusiness. We will present a chronological account of the events, including relevant screenshots, to offer a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Suspension #

Upon establishing our Twitter account, @admxbusiness, we encountered an unforeseen setback when
our account was flagged as spam. We believe this occurred due to the presence of the letter in our
business account name, ADMX Business. Consequently, our Twitter account exhibited automated
behavior, resulting in a violation of Twitter’s rules.


Appealing the Suspension #

To address the issue promptly, we took the initiative to appeal the suspension to the Twitter support
team. We completed the necessary form to request the reinstatement of our account. For a visual
reference, please refer to the screenshot provided below.


Acknowledgment from Twitter #

After submitting our appeal, we received an acknowledgment email from the Twitter support team. This
communication served as confirmation that our appeal had been received and was under review. Please
see the provided screenshot for reference.


Follow-up #

As we waited patiently for seven days without any updates, we decided to send a follow-up email to the
Twitter support team. We sought further information regarding the status of our account suspension
and the progress of our appeal.

Reinstatement #

Finally, after an anxious period, we received the long-awaited news – our Twitter account,
@admxbusiness, has been reinstated! We are thrilled to announce that you can now access our account
at the following link:

Conclusion #

This blog post has documented the suspension and subsequent reinstatement of our business Twitter
account, @admxbusiness. Despite the initial setback, we are grateful for the swift resolution provided
by the Twitter support team. Our aim in sharing this incident is to raise awareness about the challenges
businesses may encounter on social media platforms and to encourage others to persevere in similar

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